Chatham contractor slated to dig up Petrolia Line this summer

Birnam Construction workers put the top coat on Petrolia Line Nov. 26, 2015.

A Chatham company is slated to take on the second phase of the reconstruction of Petrolia Line.

Town officials recently opened the tenders for the second part of the $4.5 million rebuild of the town’s main street and Henry Heyink Construction out of Chatham is being recommended to town council for the project. It had the lowest bid for the project.

Henry Heyink has experience in municipal construction, including in St. Clair Township where it built part of the paved shoulder on the St Clair River in 2013.

Last year, Birnam Construction began the multi-year project in July at the Bridgeview Park bridge. The company completed the work in late November and have recently been seen around Petrolia putting finishing touches on the project.

This year, construction will begin at the base of Victoria Park and stretch to Kerby Street. Town officials say the first signs of construction should begin in May and it is expected, depending on weather conditions, for the construction to be complete by late fall.

More details about this year’s construction are expected to be presented to Monday. Downtown merchants will get a chance to talk to the contractor at a meeting at 5pm where more details of the plan are expected. Then at 7pm, council will officially award the contract during a regular council meeting.