Dawn-Euphemia home value up 3.8 per cent in the next four years


Dawn-Euphemia homeowners are among the first to receive their new municipal tax assessments.

Tracy Pringle of the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation came to Dawn-Euphemia council Monday to explain the assessment the same day the residential notices were sent out in the mail.

Pringle says the average home across the province will see their assessment rise about 4.5 per cent in the four years the assessment covers. In Dawn-Euphemia that will be about 3.8 per cent.

Pringle says that means the median home in Dawn-Euphemia will be worth $143,000.

“This is for residential only,” she told councillors.

She adds homeowners will only have until August 2016 to appeal their assessment if they think it is too high. Pringle says MPAC is encouraging landowners to use AboutMyProperty.ca to find out exactly what property in their community is selling for before launching an appeal.

The big increases are likely to come in the fall when the agricultural assessments are released.

Pringle says those will be much higher. “There have been preliminary reports in other parts of the province,” she says noting some put the value of farmland up between 42 and 60 per cent. “But that is pocketed depending on where you are.”

Pringle expects farmers to see their assessments in October.