Taxpayers left with $100k bill after seized lots sold

The clean up on Discovery Line

Petrolia has finally recouped some of the money from a tax seizure on the town’s north end. But it doesn’t come close to cover the costs of cleaning up the lots.

Last June, the town asked for tenders for a residential lot on 202 Eureka Street and 4179 Discovery Line – an industrial lot.

On Eureka Street, the municipality had the home removed under the Building Code last  year. It was up for sale for $82,597 to pay for the unpaid taxes and costs for demolition.

The industrial lot, adjacent to the Eureka Street lot, underwent a multi day cleanup with a police presence several years ago. The minimum bid on that lot for taxes and cleanup was $63,497.

At the time, the town did not expect an offer considering the large sum. After the sale, the town became the owner of the lots.

Deputy Clerk Mandi Pearson says the Eureka Street building lot recently sold for $25,000 and Monday, council accepted a bid for the industrial lot for $15,000.

That means taxpayers were left to cover $100,000 for the clean up of the two lots.