Farr crowned Brigden Fair Ambassador



Kayla Farr, 20, of Wilkesport is the new Brigden Fair Ambassador.

She took the crown over a field of four competitors at the annual Brigden Fair Ambassador competition, Sunday.

Born and raised in Brigden, the Farr family bought their Wilkesport farm 10 years ago and since then, Farr has developed a love for farm life. “It didn’t take me long to realize that the farm is where I was meant to be,” she says, adding that her exposure to farm life led to a love for horses and farming. “It’s my calling.”

Having attended Brigden Public School and graduating from LCCVI in Petrolia, Farr is researching online education options. Her job at Stewardson Dairy in Thedford provides great satisfaction for her, tending to calves and milking cows. As a member of 4-H, she is currently showing a heifer calf for the dairy and “having a blast.”

The avid horsewoman relaxes by trail riding. She loves to ride in parades and participate in local riding competitions like barrel racing. Her garden is another source of pleasure for her bringing back memories of her grandfather.

Farm life has become an overriding passion for Farr and her efforts are directed at learning all she can about the farm. “I’m always trying to improve myself and learn more at the farm,” she says.

Farr is excited to be this year’s fair ambassador. “I love the fair and being involved with it in this way is just that much better. It feels wonderful.

“I’m very excited to represent my community.”