Dawn-Euphemia man setting up million dollar scholarship for medical students


Over the years, Don Moore and his daughter, Jan Fuller, have met with a lot of doctors.
His wife Norma, who passed away three years ago, had eye problems and cancer in the past, then fell and broke her hip. Several years later, she broke the other. From there, her health went downhill.
“We’ve seen many different doctors over the years and our experience with doctors has been good,” says Fuller.
Years ago, Moore and his wife talked about setting up a scholarship for the community and he has just recently moved ahead with the idea.
When Moore decided to set up a scholarship fund, it seemed natural that young people who wanted to be doctors should benefit.
Moore and Fuller are working with the Sarnia Community Foundation to set up the scholarship which will run on the interest from the million-dollar endowment.
Fuller will be one of a panel of people who will choose from applicants.
While the details haven’t all been worked out, Fuller is hopeful the first scholarships might be awarded in 2018. Officials from the foundation say it could be this year.
“We do hope it will attract people to consider this area and come back and serve this area,” says Fuller.
“We need more doctors and however we can, we want to encourage more doctors to come forward.”
Fuller says if there aren’t students who wish to become doctors, the scholarships could be given to others entering the medical field.