Petrolia’s Shaw to carry the Green banner in 2018


Kevin Shaw is taking another shot at provincial politics.
The high school teacher who lives in Petrolia will be the Green Party’s candidate in Sarnia-Lambton when Ontarians go to the polls in 2018.
Shaw ran in the 2014 election and says he feels much more prepared this time around after doing a lot of research on the issues Ontario should be focusing on.
“In general most people care about the economy,” he says. “Sarnia-Lambton workers are in a unique situation because so much of our economy now relies on the petrochemical industry.” He says the region has to be prepared as the reliance on fossil fuels lessens.
“The reliance on fossil fuels although it is still going to be there is changing… we can’t be in a bubble.”
Shaw says some of the moves made in the area to a bio economy are good but the Green Party has some ideas as well. “There used to be the misconception that Greens want to take away your job. Nothing could be further from the truth. But if we in Sarnia-Lambton aren’t prepared to transition from fossil fuels, we’re going to be in a tough spot.”
Shaw says it will take some time for people to understand the Green’s policies, and he hopes the fact the part has made a difference in other elections, like BC, will encourage people to consider voting for someone new.