Four new affordable housing units part of Petrolia plan


There will soon be four new affordable housing units in Petrolia.
RMDobbin Enterprises hopes to turn the sod on an eight unit building behind the current development near Petrolia’s Farmers’ Market.
Ray Dobbin says he bought the land from, Louis Bratanek, who developed the other apartment complex. Bratanek had planned further units down the road, and Dobbin decided to pick up the plan.
Dobbin tells The Independent he has received some funding from the provincial government to make four or five of the first eight units into affordable housing. The others will be rented at market value.
Some of the units will have two bedrooms.
The entrance for the new complex will be off Tank St. near the Oil Heritage District Community Centre. Dobbin plans a street-width entrance and a walking path, likely through the trees, to connect the development with the community centre.
Dobbin expects to begin preparing the land next week and says construction on the outside of the building could begin in mid October. He’s hoping to have residents inside by the end of May.
Dobbin says there is already a waiting list for the units with people calling from as far way as Toronto hoping to secure one.
Dobbin says there is enough room in the area to build another three to four buildings of a similar size in the area in the future. And he says he may apply for funding to make more affordable units in the future.


  1. Petrolia has needed this for a long time. I also think Petrolia area people should get first concideraton for them

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