O’Hara won’t ask for full investigation


Petrolia Councillor Ross O’Hara who a week ago said he would ask for a full investigation of town council and staff, now says he won’t.
O’Hara had said only a full investigation into what is happening at town hall could restore the trust of the taxpayers in the wake of the resignation of the CAO.
But O’Hara has now changed his mind.
“I met with Mandi (Pearson, the town’s deputy clerk and acting CAO) and (the town’s lawyer) Robert Gray who suggested it was probably not a good idea to do it.”
O’Hara also consulted with Nigel Bellchamber whose company is contracted to provide an integrity commissioner for the town.
He also advised against it.
“They didn’t want me to demoralize the staff…I agree with them a bit about that because at this point it is not going to get the cloud off council.”
And he’s not sure if it would help to release the Fleming report. “All of this started with one person and that one person is gone.”