High Park plans to fix cannabis stink: Marriott

Cathy Brand at her front door looking out over the High Park marijuana greenhouse.

Relief may be on the way from strong odours at the Lasalle Line cannabis greenhouse.
Enniskillen Mayor Kevin Marriott says High Park Farms has told the municipality it plans to have a carbon filtration system to stop odours from entering the atmosphere as soon as the end of November.
Neighbours have been living with skunk-like smells since High Park Farms took over the former pepper greenhouse and began producing medical marijuana. Over the past six weeks, families living near the facility have publicly voiced concern about the amount of light caused by the operation in the middle of the night and the pungent smells caused by the budding marijuana.
Cathy Brand lives about 300 meters from the greenhouse and started keeping a log of the environmental impacts of the pot greenhouse June 28. Brand stopped rating the smell because it just kept getting worse. The company tried to remedy the problem with an air misting cannon.

Marriott says the company has committed to installing the carbon filtration system. The municipality will learn more about it on a conference call Monday.

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