Brooke-Alvinston council vows to fight to save bank to close in May

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Frank Nemcek wants Brooke-Alvinston to “put up a fight” to save its lone bank.
Customers of the Bank of Montreal in Alvinston received a form letter in the mail last week saying by May 17, 2019, the Alvinston branch “will be moving” to Watford.
Nemcek, a Brooke-Alvinston councillor, had heard rumblings of the possible closure, but received the notice in the mail like everyone else.
Mayor Don McGugan was invited to the bank – next to the municipal office – two weeks before the public announcement and was told about the coming closure.
Residents in the community heard of it with a form letter.
“This makes me sad and angry,” said Michelle Koolen on a Facebook post about the closure. “Alvinston is finally starting to grow and blossom and then (they)take away the bank.”
The Bank of Montreal is holding a public meeting on the closure Dec. 3 at the Brooke-Alvinston-Inwood Community Centre and Nemcek is hopeful people will pack the building to put up a fight to save the bank.
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3 Responses to “Brooke-Alvinston council vows to fight to save bank to close in May”

  1. Jim and Nancy Faflak

    We are very disappointed to hear this. The bank in Alvinston is very important to our community. We have many people who do not drive needing the bank to be local. Not all clients have the ability or access to computer/online banking. Local business/agriculture need a bank nearby. The lack of service in our rural areas is not acceptable.

  2. Shelley hathaway

    I’m all for trying to keep bank open for people who dont drive easy access and what about the businesses that need change in short notice and it’s convenient for people to walk to and from and I would be interested in going to the meeting but it would be at night and I work straight afternoons

  3. Janice

    You can not force a company to stay open that is not paid for my the council. If a pizza place decided to close in town, the town council could not force them to stay open any more then they can force a bank to stay open. The bank is a company just like any other and they have the right to close if they choose to do so. To think otherwise is completely stupid!