Teens in Petrolia warned of man approaching young women


Lambton OPP have been warning local schools about a man approaching young women.
A letter from a Petrolia school – with the name of the school and the principal blocked out – circulated on Facebook beginning Nov. 28. It was addressed to the parents of Grade 7 and 8 students and says, in part, “I’m writing today to make you aware of information received by Petrolia OPP concerning an individual who is known to police and is currently residing in Petrolia-Wyoming area. The man is described as short and stocky, unshaven with a brush cut and usually wearing shabby clothes. He’s most often driving a red tractor.”
The letter goes on to say he may “attempt to interact” with teenage girls.
Const. Chris Doupe of Lambton OPP confirms the detachment is aware of the letter and the incident which sparked the concern. However, Doupe did not want to release details of what allegedly happened to the media.

Doupe says there have been “some incidents” but he was not about to give “details of charges which may or may not be laid,
“Our primary concern is for the victim and the potential witnesses,” he told The Independent.
“We’re monitoring the incidents very closely.”
Meantime, the principal’s letter – believed to be directed at St. Philip’s parents – says he met with the girls in the Grade 7/8 class to review a resource called Stranger Danger and asked parents to reiterate the message at home.


  1. This man has been doing this for a long time. When my granddaughters were visiting me this summer, he made a point of passing my house and if they were outside, he’d slow down and stare at them. Luckily, I noticed this and kept an eye on him, every time he came by here, which was quite often.

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