Alvinston’s straight answer: bank will close


It was the answer Frank Nemcek and much of Alvinston didn’t want to hear.
The Brooke-Alvinston councillor, at the end of a public meeting on the closure of the Bank of Montreal, stood up and asked if the bank would indeed close – despite the concerns of the community.
The answer was yes.
BMO started sending out letters in November to customers explaining the branch on Alvinston’s main street would be shuttered May 17, 2019 and the new home branch for local business and residents would be in Watford.
The move angered Nemcek and members of council, particularly since the downtown area has seen growth in the last four years. Four new businesses, including a restaurant and pharmacy, have opened in the last few years, bringing life to the core.
About 80 people met with BMO officials Monday night at the Brooke-Alvinston-Inwood Community Centre.


  1. I guess they don’t want our patrinage or business anymore-time for a new banking agent to enter the area-just might be VERY WELCOME.Facility will be available.

  2. can not see why a bank closing upsets Mr Nemcek so much more than our fire department not operating , there have been no meetings letters for the area to resolve the issue of no protection. this issue affects all areas around us.Petrolia Oil Springs Watford, a burning abandoned house brought 14 fire trucks 55 firemen to Inwood from 11P.M. -7A.M. I am sure glad nothing happened to our friends and neighbors. Bank or Fire protection think about it Frank

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