Marijuana producer considering Plympton-Wyoming

Plants inside High Park Farms. It closed in Sept. 2021.

Plympton-Wyoming may soon be home to a medical marijuana producer.
During a discussion at the Nov. 28 town council meeting, Chief Administrative Officer Carolyn Tripp told council there is a company interested in setting up shop in the Central Lambton municipality.
Tripp tells The Independent officials from Lambton County and Plympton-Wyoming have been working with a company which has an agreement to use a property in the municipality. The plan is to build a greenhouse to produce medical marijuana.
Tripp didn’t want to give specifics about the planned project but she did say the company contacted the municipality “about a year ago.”

For more on what is planned and what the municipality can do to deal with problems such as smell and light pollution, pick up your copy of The Independent on newsstands now.


  1. It has to be asked whether or not another marijuana producer will be any more respectful of area residents than Tilray… who have decimated their neighbors property values with smells, endangered local wildlife with insane light pollution and can’t even consistently turn the lights off in accordance with their own stated policies…

    Jobs are good but there has to be some accountability enforced here.

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