Family flees fire


A Plympton-Wyoming family enjoying an afternoon in front of the fireplace had to flee their home.
Plympton-Wyoming Fire Chief Steve Clemens says around 4:30 pm Monday the young family was enjoying time together in front of the fire when they notice flames around the chimney. Clemens says they got out of the house, called 9-1-1 and then grabbed a fire extinguisher to try to put out the flames.
But by then, it was too late.
“It started in the chimney and unfortunately got…out of the flue and into the wall and caught the building on fire,” says the chief. He says it is likely the chimney in the century home had a flaw in it from age, rodents or water damage.
“It’s a case of bad luck,” says Clemens. “The fireplace has been used for a whole century and how a young family is out of their residence.