First Dawn-Euphemia mayor, Bill Bilton, passes away

Bill Bilton is sworn into office in December with the rest of Dawn-Euphemia Council. Bilton has been on sick leave for the past four and a half months and tendered his resignation Monday.

Just a month after he officially retired from politics, Bill Bilton has died.
Bilton, who was the first mayor of Dawn-Euphemia and Warden of Lambton County, had served in local politics for over 35 years.
Bilton was first elected in Nov. 1982 as a councillor in Euphemia Township. He was the deputy reeve and then the reeve before the township amalgamated with Dawn in 1998. He became he new municipality’s first mayor.
Bilton also was the warden of Lambton in 1992 – a turbulent time as talks to bring Sarnia into Lambton County dragged on. Many say his thoughtful reasoning help focus the discussions which led to a successful agreement.
In 2014, he stepped down from the role and was elected again as a councillor in 2014 and 2018.
In January, the long-time councillor took a leave of absence from his position. By July, he announced his retirement.
Mayor Al Broad says he will be missed.
“An honest man that many people looked up to,” he says.

The Bilton family will receive family and friends to celebrate Bill’s Life at the Dawn-Euphemia Community Centre, 6213 Mill Street, Florence on Sat., Aug. 17 from 1:00-5:00 PM