LaSalle Agri pleads guilty in biosolids bylaw case


A Lambton County company has plead guilty to operating a commercial operation on agricultural zoned land in Sarnia Court.

Warwick Township laid the charge against LaSalle Agri after a pile of biosolids it was storing at the corner of Nauvoo Road and Highway 402 grew beyond what the municipality expected.

Since January – after the charge was laid, the pile of pellets made from human waste which is used as farm fertilizer has stretched to about 100 meters of Nauvoo Road. In the past couple of weeks, about half of the fertilizer has been moved from the property according to Clerk-Administrator Amanda Gubbels.

During pretrial arguments Monday, LaSalle Agri plead guilty to the bylaw charge. The company will be sentenced in December. The maximum fine is $50,000.