Warwick OKs plan for Y to run gym


Warwick Township’s new community hall will have a fitness centre and it will be run by the YMCA.
Council has been working on plans for replacing the aging Centennial Hall for years. Monday, it gave approval to include a gym facility and to sign an agreement for the YMCA to run it.
Including the fitness centre adds about $1.3 million to the cost of the building. Another $325,000 will be needed to equip the gym. YMCA projections show the township will pay operating fees of anywhere from $131,000 – if there are only 125 members – or as little as $55,000 if 30 per cent of the township residents – 365 people – become members. That’s based on selling family memberships at about $1,200 a year.
Council hopes to make a final decision on the design of the $6.5 million to $7.5 million hall Sept. 5, so staff can begin applying for grants.

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