Family Health team limiting contact as it reacts to COVID-19



Central Lambton Family Health Team (CLFHT) is closely monitoring the evolving coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. Information is rapidly updating and with that, so are our strategies. Providers are implementing measures to prioritize appointments and limit contact through increased telephone and screen contact.

Lead Physician, Dr. E. Daniel stated “The current situation facing our community due to the COVID-19 poses a threat to the lives and health of those who are vulnerable. Due to the very fact that this situation is constantly changing with no foreseeable end in sight, we are taking the highest level of precautions in the CLFHT to protect the patients and staff of this clinic.
Acquiring knowledge from official sources and being prepared will help mitigate the effects of the coronavirus.

“However, we have to work as a community and help defend against this virus. At this point there are no vaccines against this virus, but by being proactive and by taking precautions we can diminish the effects of this virus on our community.”
Family Health Team Executive Director Sarah Milner said, “The Family Health Team is first and foremost dedicated to protecting patients and our community. Over two hundred people come through our waiting room on a daily basis, many are older adults with complex medical issues and compromised immune systems.

“It is our responsibility to implement measures that help minimize risk of transmission. Our intent is to be proactive and help patients to do the same.”