Warwick may charge development fees


Warwick Township is looking at the idea of charging development charges.
And not everyone is happy about it.
Administrator Amanda Gubbels says previous councils decided not to charge fees to developers to stimulate growth in the residential, industrial and commercial sectors.
But she says the growth that has come places stresses on the existing infrastructure and staff resources.
So, the township is going to look at the idea of charging fees, hiring Watson and Associates to study the idea and how communities the size of Warwick handle the issue.
Mayor Jackie Rombouts says the policy has been working but “as we see more and more development coming” she sees the benefit of having “growth pay for growth.”
Councillor Jerry Westgate disagrees. “The developer fees will hinder the development.”
Westgate points to communities like Shelbourne who have implemented fees and it slowed growth.
“I think that’s why were doing this study to see what a community our size can reasonably charge,” says Rombouts.
Councillor Todd White says a study is necessary. “In my mind, it is how we get to a fairness between our community supplementing new residents coming in.”
He adds the fees may not be implemented right away.
Treasurer Trevor Jarrett says the study will not only look at what surrounding communities charge developers but will also look at growth goals and targets in Warwick.
The municipality will pay $50,000 for the study, It should be complete in September.