Annual Thanksgiving tradition, Brigden Fair, postponed to 2021


Something you can’t see or predict has shutdown the largest fair in Lambton County

The 170th Brigden Fair has been postponed until 2021.

“The Moore Agricultural Society does not feel that they can successfully hold
such an event without compromising the safety of the volunteers, exhibitors, staff, judges, vendors, sponsors, community, and patrons that are relied upon. Enhancement of both rural and urban life is central to the mission of the Moore Agricultural Society, and because of the way this year has progressed, the possible benefits of moving forward with the fair are outweighed by the risks involved,” says President Malcolm Rogers in a news release.

Rogers says this seems to be the first time in the fair’s 170 year history that they’ve had to postpone the event.

“I’ve tried to go back as far as I could. I can’t find anybody who’s still around for the first one, obviously, but so looking at all the people who are historians, we’ve got there two people who’ve gone and studied therapy in around us ever since they were children. Nobody remembers ever remembers the fair being postponed or canceled.

“We’ve gone through two world wars, and we went through a recession. And it was never cancelled and it has been 170 years,” Rogers adds.

“Something we can’t see something, we don’t know, and you can’t try to put your finger on you might say, has close as down because because the uncertainty that goes with it and what can happen and what couldn’t happen.”

The president of the agricultural society says they hope to have some small events when government guidelines allow it and it will host the 170th anniversary celebration in 2021.