Province provides more cash for greenhouses to buy PPE


The province is providing more funding for personal protective equipment for the agri-food industry.

Agriculture Minister Ernie Hardeman in a news release this morning announced the province was tripling the amount of money available to farmers for health and safety measures from $5 million to $15 million.

The money helps farmers pay for personal protective equipment for labourers and equipment like handwashing stations to protect labourers from COVID-19.

There have been several outbreaks in the greenhouse industry which have mainly affected migrant workers.

In Chatham-Kent, 114 migrant workers tested positive for the virus at Greenhills Produce. Windsor-Essex Public Health opened a migrant worker assessment clinic. Yesterday, 38 people tested positive and in Norfolk at least 168 migrant workers have tested positive for COVID-19.

Officials say the virus spreads mainly in the confined spaces of the bunkhouses where they live.