Sarnia man sentenced to 80 days in jail for domestic assaults


Alex Kurial/ Local Journalism Initiative

A Sarnia man will spend 80 days in jail after pleading guilty to ten different charges in Sarnia Court on Sept. 2.

Kristopher Parsons, 27, learned his fate on the lengthy list of charges. The most serious was an assault where he punched a woman to the ground and kicked her repeatedly. This landed him 30 days. Parsons also pled to six bail breaches. 

Parsons’ recent issues with the woman began in early November last year when Sarnia Police were called to a home at 2 am over yelling and screaming. The woman said they had been arguing over money Parsons had lent her the day before. She said Parsons had come in and out of the house while shouting, and that after locking him out he banged on the front door and windows and said he’d smash them with a rock if she didn’t let him in. 

Parsons got back in the house and told the woman not to open the door when police arrived. When she answered the door Parsons fled out the back of the house. He could not be located by police. 

Parsons dropped off the map for several months but resurfaced at the end of March this year when he stole three bags of candy from the Circle K on Confederation St. A warrant was put out for his arrest and exactly one month later he was spotted by police at the Mitton Street Pharmacy. He was found with the woman – who he had orders to stay away from – and also a syringe with 40 units of meth. 

Parsons was released and stayed clean until the end of July when the most troubling incident occurred. Parsons and the woman had spent the night at her home – in breach of his bail – but in the morning an animated argument began. The woman left the house with Parsons saying he would knock her out if she continued.

As she kept leaving, Parsons ran at her full-speed and punched her in the neck. The woman was knocked dizzy to the ground where Parsons proceeded to kick her several times before leaving. 

A joint position of 80 days in jail was accepted by Justice Deborah Austin. Parsons has two days left on his sentence after time served. “I hope that Mr. Parsons can appreciate that this type of behavior, even when they’re short sharp sentences… they add up to a significant period of time,” says defense lawyer Terry Brandon.

“It’s hoped that with a longer period of probation, stabilization will now be had with Mr. Parsons,” Brandon says.

An 18 month probation term will include counselling for domestic violence, substance abuse and mental health issues. He has a 10 year weapons ban, is banned from the Circle K and must repay them $14 for the stolen candy, and cannot have any contact or go within 100 meters of the woman.

“I want nothing to do with her,” Parsons says in response.

Austin says the probation terms are meant to protect the victims of Parsons’ crimes, particularly the woman. She says Parsons should look at the terms – especially the mandated counselling – as an opportunity to get necessary help and avoid future court appearances.