Perry captures Petrolia’s historic buildings from her car

Susan Perry

A Petrolia artist captured the beauty of some of the town’s iconic buildings, all while sitting in her car.

Susan Perry unveiled her new book ‘Historic Buildings of Petrolia’ at the Petrolia Discovery Art Show Saturday.

Starting last fall, Perry would find one of the historic buildings and park her car outside while she sketched.

Later, she did ink drawings from the sketches and then created an adult colouring book of the 16 drawings.

Perry says a lot of her work was done in the spring, while people were confined to their homes because of the pandemic.

Perry says people would approach her while she worked. Some were just interested in what she was doing, others offered water, one threatened to call the police.

Perry normally is a print maker spending days creating one piece. She says the historic sketches were a nice change of pace.

“When you do sketches you’re done in a couple hours, and it’s something that’s immediate.”

The books can be purchased from Perry by emailing susanperryart@19mclean13gmail-com