Lambton won’t help charities with capital costs this year


If you’re looking for cash for a capital project, don’t come to Lambton County Councillors this year.

Wednesday, councillors agreed not to hear any requests for capital grants in the 2021 budget hearings.

Staff says while the province and federal government have given significant cash for the costs associated with COVID-19, there are still additional costs. They suggested the move to keep the budget in line in 2021.

Each year at budget time, different non-profit organizations come to council asking for support. Those requests can be in the millions.

Last year, Bluewater Health asked for $10 million over 10 years for hospital upgrades, Victoria Playhouse Petrolia was looking for $1 million over five years and the Kineto Theatre in Forest looked for $75,000 – all for capital projects.

Councillors agreed to the idea. The county will continue to pay its prior capital grant commitments which will cost $3.5 million next year.