Ryan’s House gets permanent funding

Craig Capes, Capes Movers, Paula Reaume Zimmer, Bluewater Health, Jacqueline Smith, Marcotte Disposal, Brandon Vanderwel, Elite Property Group, Laurie Hicks, Bluewater Health, Justin Einwiller, Home Depot. The organizations all helped to open the doors of the new mental health unit on Exmouth Street.

Bluewater Health says Ryan House has secured long term funding.

And they say it’s another step along the way to secure funding for a 22 bed withdrawal management unit which the community have been lobbying for for more than a decade.

The province made the announcement yesterday as part of a $35 million investment in mental health. 

Ryan’s House, a 12 bed home-like facility which allows for community resources and connections, such as housing and support groups.

“The local demand for withdrawal management services has grown far beyond our capacity at Bluewater Health. This annualized funding, that until now we were not guaranteed, confirms our ongoing ability to respond to accelerating needs of our community,” said Paula Reaume Zimmer of Bluewater Health in a news release. 
“Each day, we are told that our services have changed lives and instilled hope in individuals and their families who we have worked with; and we will only be successful in meeting these expectations with this type of support from the Ministry of Health.”

The centre will receive $770,000 each year for operating costs.

A 22-bed faculty has been in the development stages for a decade. No word on when that might be approved.