402 protest continues with fewer vehicles; Bluewater Bridge busy as trucks avoid Windsor

An OPP officer walks near the protest on the 402 Sunday night.

It appears the tractors parked on the 402 at Forest Road have not deterred trucks from using the Bluewater Bridge.

Traffic is heavy again at the Bluewater Bridge – a result of the continued closure of the Ambassador Bridge in Windsor.

Windsor Police moved about 25 protestors off the bridge Sunday morning, however there are still protestors on the streets leading to the bridge and so far, it has not reopened.

Traffic cameras at the Bluewater Bridge show all lanes on the Canadian side full as trucks move into the US. The traffic is backed up as far as Modeland Road waiting to get across.

The heavy traffic despite a detour around the 402 at Nauvoo Road to Oil Heritage Road because of a protest in support of the Ottawa protests.

Wednesday, about 25 tractors and farm vehicles parked just off the Forest Road exit. They’ve been there ever since, using a field just off the highway as a campsite, inviting supporters to come by. Sunday night, cars and trucks could be seen heading into the bush via a road in a farmer’s field to the area which includes a five acre pond, water slide, campsites, bonfires and barbecues.

Fireworks were sporadically set off in the bush Sunday.

Protestors set off fireworks at the campsite they are using just off the highway (right) where about 16 vehicles are now parked.

While the tractors and vehicles were still in place Sunday night, there were fewer vehicles on the highway. OPP at the scene confirmed a number had left – The Independent counted 18 vehicles left on the stretch of highway – nine fewer than when the protest began.