Traffic on London Line, 402 backed up as protest continues

An OPP officer walks near the protest on the 402 Sunday night.

The Ambassador Bridge is open, but you might not know it if you were stuck in traffic on London Line.

Police in Windsor finally succeeded in getting protestors demanding an end to COVID-19 mandates to important international crossing late Sunday. The bridge reopened around 11:30 pm.

Some trucks had been using the Bluewater Bridge as an alternative. They were also facing a detour as 18 tractors, pickups and CAT trucks remained parked on the 402 near the Forest Road exit. They arrived Wednesday and OPP shutdown the stretch of road from Nauvoo to Oil Heritage Road, setting up a detour which takes drivers, including thousands of transports, down Egremont Road to London Line before getting back on the highway at Reece’s Corners.

This morning, traffic in the area is heavy. Transports are backed up as far as the eye can see trying to get onto the Nauvoo Road exit. Police officers are directing traffic at the corner of Egremont and Nauvoo. At times, traffic comes to a standstill on London Line as transports have to wait for the traffic lights at Reece’s Corners to get to the Oil Heritage Road exit. At times, the wait is about 20 minutes long.

Meantime, Premier Doug Ford plans another news conference this morning with the Health Minister – the subject is not clear.

Also, the federal government held a cabinet meeting last night. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau meets virtually with the premiers of the provinces today as well as blockade of Ottawa by protestors continues into the third week.