Back to school for St. Joseph students in Corunna after fire


Students at St. Joseph Catholic School in Corunna will be heading back to class Tuesday.

The students were told to stay home Monday after the custodian, Lynda Groot, discovered the small fire from an overheated exhaust fan in one of the custodial rooms when she arrived early Monday.

Principal Colleen Cogghe, in a letter to parents, said an environmental company has conducted indoor air quality testing throughout the school and has confirmed the building is safe for students to return.

“In addition to the testing, all fire-damaged materials have been removed from the school,” said Cogghe. “Air scrubbers and portable exhaust fans were installed throughout the building to help rid the school of the odour of smoke.  All corridor walls and ceiling surfaces have been wiped down and water from the sprinkler system has been mopped up.  

As an added measure, all HVAC systems have been placed in the full exhaust position throughout the day and into this evening.   All HVAC air filters were replaced and HVAC coils have been cleaned.”

Cogghe added the full environmental report is available for parents to see at the school office if they wish.