Managing development a concern at Wyoming all-candidates


Development, respect and teamwork were all up for debate at an All-Candidates meeting for Plympton-Wyoming council.

The Wyoming Lions hosted the first of two meetings for the community Sept. 28.

The several of mayoral candidates, vying to take up the position left vacant by the retirement of Lonny Napper, promoted their accomplishments.

Tim Wilkins talked of his work to bring better Internet to the Lakeshore and to have the boat ramp at Highland Glen repaired. He said his strong voice is needed at the county level. “Fifty per cent of your tax dollars goes to county council and we have one voice there to represent all the wishes of your council at that council chamber. That’s a lot of your money. That’s a lot of your tax dollars.”

Muriel Wright agreed adding she would be there to support development in the community. “As an experienced leader, I will continue to provide quality and affordable core services which keep the tax rate reasonable. Our families, our farmers and our small business owners are my priority.”

Gary Atkinson says the new leader needs integrity and the ability to work with people. And he spoke out about the conduct of council which one questioner called bullying. “There is no place in council or anywhere else in our society for intimidation, or bullying, I will not accept it. I think we as a council need to be educated about it.”

Some of the councillor candidates also talked about managing growth in the community. “We will continue to grow, we need to continue to upgrade our infrastructure and accommodate that growth but we cannot allow it to change who we are,” said Mike Vasey after speaking about the value of small town living.

Candidate Alex Boughen agreed. “The next term of council is about investing in our infrastructure to ensure it can support the ongoing development. It’s about supporting our local businesses and prioritizing local economic development. It’s about improving the vibrancy and livability of our community. And of course, it’s always about affordability, and doing our part to spend your tax dollars well, and do our part to make sure residents aren’t priced out of their home.”

And there was also a question about the sign controversy where Muriel Wright was caught on tape stealing other mayoral signs. Both Wright and Wilkins said they had discussed the matter and have put it behind them.