New pumper rolls into Oil Springs

Enniskillen/Oil Springs Fire Chief Al Charlton backed up the new pumper truck which arrived at the Oil Springs Hall Friday morning.

After years of work and an extra six months of waiting, the new pumper rolled into the Enniskillen Oil Springs fire hall Friday morning.

Officials from Resqtech brought the new rig to the hall and picked up $650,000 from the communities of Enniskillen and Oil Springs to pay for the much anticipated truck.

A small committee of the volunteer firefighters put together the specs for the truck which was ordered during the pandemic. Supply chain issues meant the department waited an extra six months for delivery.

The pumper is the most expensive piece of equipment purchased for the department to date. The last pumper was purchased in 2000 and cost $240,000 compared to the $650,000 current cost. Officials from Resqtech said they could sell the Oil Springs pumper for $850,000 today. A newly ordered pumper will now cost about $1 million.

Chief Al Charlton, who backed the new pumper into the station Friday, says members of the public can come to see the new apparatus Saturday, Jan. 14 at noon. Firefighters will hold a “Push In” ceremony to mark the occasion and then have an open house for people to take a look at the new vehicle.

Enniskillen Mayor Kevin Marriott and Oil Springs Mayor Ian Veen get a look at the new pumper truck which will serve their communities. It arrived Friday.