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Shiloh residents watch the end of an era

The Shiloh School has been a part of Irwin Syer’s life for as long as he can remember. Syer, who lived just “a mile down the road” from SS No. 12, started going to school there when the building was just four years old in 1938. Syer was one of about 40 people who were… Read more »

Oil Springs woman wins big

Talk about a $100,000 smile. Kathy Raes could hardly keep from smiling after winning $100,000 while playing her favourite lottery. “Instant Money Multiplier is one of my favourite games,” Raes says in a news release issued by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission. “When I realized I won, I thought it was a mistake –… Read more »

Learning how democracy works

Petrolia elementary school students want to know what town councilors do, why the house on the hill isn’t fixed up and if the town is going to do anything about their bikes and skateboards being caught in the sewer grates. About 200 students filled the Victoria Playhouse theatre Monday as council held its regular meeting… Read more »

Kids return to the renovated Inwood Library

A child selects a book while the politicians open the newly renovated Inwood Library   Marie Shilson and Nola Tait can remember the “little wee white house” which was once the Inwood Library. As they sat in the new expanded Inwood Library, they could hardly believe the difference. Brooke Alvinston and the federal government spent… Read more »