Lambton politicians consider stepping into wind fight today


WAIT of Plympton-Wyoming has gone where Lambton County councilors have yet to go.

The anti-industrial wind turbine group fighting a 42-turbine project near Camlachie has joined a Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom case as an intervener. WAIT had urged county council in September to become part of the challenge to a project near Goderich.  WAIT is also seeking status in another case.

Spokesperson Ingrid Willemsen says the Goderich case calls on the Environmental Review Tribunal to stop the construction of wind turbines until the company proves they will not cause ill health.

By becoming part of the action, if the Goderich couple wins their case, Lambton could apply the ruling to stop companies from building wind farms in the municipality.

“It makes the case look much better,” says Willemsen of WAIT’s push to have Lambton County join the fight. “It makes the case stronger and we benefit from the outcome more directly and immediately applicable to our case,” she says.

“We are definitely convinced it would take longer to affect change …if we are an arms-length municipality,” she says.

WAIT has been lobbying councilors, sending information about the Charter of Rights case and why the county should be part of it. One of the councilors main concerns have been the potential costs of a legal action. Willemsen says WAIT has spent no money on becoming part of the court action.

She is urging councilors to look more at the issue of  protecting human health. “We need more Lonny Nappers (Plympton-Wyoming’s mayor) putting their name out there and making sure people’s health is not at risk.

“The thicker we can make the stack of paper, the stronger the case looks and the wind companies get worried about an entire county questioning their moves.

“What harm can it do?”

Councilors were to consider the issue Wednesday (Nov. 28).