Cold causes water problems near Princess Street


The cold weather is causing problems for construction workers, business owners and residents along Princess Street.

There have been four disruptions in water service as work crews try to complete the installation of the new watermain on the Petrolia Street.

Construction on the $1.3 million rebuild of the street began in September and was expected to be complete tomorrow. But weather slowed construction and now the cold is making it difficult to complete the underground work.

“The weather is making everything fragile,” says Manny Baron, Petrolia CAO. The commercial plaza which contains Coffee Lodge is affected as is a number of other businesses in the area and “a couple of homeowners.”

Provincial law says restaurants can’t operate without running water, so Coffee Lodge closed their doors during each of the disruptions.

Baron hopes the problem will be fixed shortly – he expected it could be repaired as early as 3:30pm Thursday.

“We feel horrible about it,” adds Baron saying they hand delivered notices to the neighbours explaining the situation after the latest problem.