White Rose Petrolia’s new town flower


The flower which once graced gas stations around the country is Petrolia’s new official flower.

Town councilors have named the white Pascali Rose as Petrolia’s town flower, a nod to the White Rose Oil Company which had its beginnings in Petrolia.

In a report to councilors, Dave Menzies, director of community services, writes in 1907 a group of Petrolia hard oilers, determined to keep the oil refining industry in Canada, set up the Canadian Oil Company.

But the recession of 1907 took a toll and the Canadian Oil Company declared bankruptcy. It was bought by the US-based National Refining Company, with just under 50 percent of the shares staying in Canadian hands.  The company grew and was sold in 1913 to Nesbitt, Thomson & Company.

That company, in an effort to clean up the ‘dark, dirty oil’ image came up with the White Rose Motor and Gasoline logo, using the white rose.

White Rose Gas Stations dotted the landscape and were part of the community in 1962 when then owner Shell Canada phased the brand out.

Council agreed the white rose is a fitting town flower. It will purchase 100 bare root plants for the spring of the plant and offer them for sale to town residents for $15 starting in May.