Doggie salt too expensive say Petrolia officials


Dogs may not like the salt on Petrolia’s sidewalks, but it is the best way to keep humans upright.

That from officials in the town after Carolyn Connelly submitted a petition asking they consider using an alternative to rock salt. “I am a dog owner and an animal lover. I have concerns that the salt you use burns my dog’s paws causing cracking and bleeding,” she says in a letter to council.

“I know this is an issue that affects most dogs and does not need to …There are many pet-safe, environmentally-friendly products on the market,” says Connelly. “I hope that the Town of Petrolia will consider changing to one of these more pet-friendly products this winter to offer safety to its residents and genuine concern for four-legged friends.”

But director of operations, Joe Adams, says rock salt is an industry standard for keeping sidewalks clear. “Liability is the main issue of concern when it comes to sidewalks and roads,” he says adding rock salt is the most reliable way of getting rid of snow and ice.

Adams says there are other alternatives made to protect animal’s feet but “the expense is exceptionally high.”

“A rock salt and sand mix is common practice and the standard and I don’t think we’re out of line.”

Councilor Mary Jane Samella agreed saying “It’s the two-legged animals who need to be upright.”