Changing weather causing driving problems and accidents


Drivers on Highway 402 were having a hard time with blowing snow, white outs and slick conditions.

Lambton OPP responded to nine collisions, including a rollover as drivers dealt with the weather that brought, at times, blowing snow with white out conditions. No major injuries were reported.

Officials say the conditions can change quickly and ask drivers to adjust your driving to the weather and the road conditions.

With February and March still to come, police remind you:

·         reduce your speed to assist in steering and braking

·         make sure all of your lights are on

·         keep a safe stopping distance from other vehicles

·         keep your eyes on the road but also check your mirrors so you know what is going on around you

·         obey road closure signs

·         obey directions of the police

·         keep an eye out for emergency services personnel who are on the roadways assisting stranded or injured motorists, slow down and pass with caution

·         make sure your cell phone battery is fully charged so you can call for help for you or someone else