Families already turn to Alvinston Food Bank


Pat Copeland says the need for the new Brooke-Alvinston Food Bank was clear from the first day it opened its doors.

Copeland, who is in charge of the project in the basement of the municipal office, says the first Wednesday the doors opened nine families came for help. That was despite a snowstorm which ground most business to a halt.

Copeland says the weather “was ghastly…we didn’t expect anyone to come in.”

The next week, three more families came in for help.

Copeland and other community leaders knew there was a need for the food bank. One in three people at the Petrolia Food Bank come from Brooke-Alvinston.

And Copeland says the community understands the need too, with people already donating food, local church youth groups helping to stock shelves and community groups hosting a dance to raise money to help pay for the operation of the food bank.

Now Copeland is trying to get the word out to make sure those in need know where to get help. “There will be a cash and food drive at the Brooke Alvinston Public School and we’re giving a notice to all the parents to get them to know about the food bank,” she says. “We’re reaching out to the parents who may need help through the kids.”