NEW INFORMATION: Two dead, 30 injured in 402 crash say police

402 at Oil Heritage Road (screen grab)

Lambton OPP say two people died in the massive pileup on the 402.

Transports and cars collided on the westbound 402 near Oil Heritage Road around 8:30am yesterday in sudden snow squalls which created whiteout conditions. Police say 37 vehicles including tractor trailers and passenger vehicles were involved in this collision at Oil Heritage Road. It was one of three collisions taking place during a short period of time, on the stretch of Highway 402 located west of Oil Heritage Road and up to the area of Waterworks Road

The highway just reopened around 9 this morning as the OPP’s technical traffic collision investigators tried to determine exactly what happened..

At least 30 people have been treated for injuries and people involved in the crash were taken to warming centers in Wyoming.

OPP Technical Traffic Collision Investigators, OPP West Region Mobile Command Post, Wyoming, Camlachie and Petrolia/North Enniskillen Fire Services, Lambton Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Lambton Victim Services, Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO), local towing companies, Hull Bus Line, and Carillion Canada (highway maintenance) all responded to help the victims in the crash.

As well, the Sarnia truck centre at Reeces Corners and the Wyoming agriculture buildings were used and staffed by OPP and Victim Services as warming centres for over 30 people who were involved in the crash. Police have not yet released the names of the people killed in the accident.