CERV looking for committed volunteers

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Lorne Given is looking for a few committed volunteers.

The coordinator of Community Emergency Response Volunteers (CERV) is recruiting new members.

“We’re down to a group of about dozen core members,” he says. “We need some fresh face with commitment to be a part of the team.”

CERV members respond to all kinds of emergencies. Given says they’re often on scene when local firefighters are called out, assisting them with items which take them away from fighting fires. They also respond during weather disasters to set up emergency shelters.

CERV volunteers also attend community events to provide first aid.

While it is interesting work, Given says it is not for everyone. Some CERV responders have had difficulty after seeing severely injured people. And it is not a volunteer job which you can count on a set number of hours a week – Given says CERV members are on call all the time.

“Commitment is key. You have to give up some of your personal time because something has to be done.”

But he says it is also a great opportunity for people who think they might want a career in emergency services. “It is an excellent stepping stone to any emergency services career… You work closely with EMS, fire and the OPP and you can talk to them to see if it is a career you want.”

Given says anyone interested in becoming part of CERV can contact him at by email at [email protected]