Art in the Park starts today


Expect to be asked a few questions if you head to Art in the Park Friday and Saturday.

The Art in the Park Committee is going to try to figure out just who is heading to Petrolia for the two-day event.

Hundreds of people are expected in Victoria Park in downtown Petrolia for the annual arts and entertainment event. Forty vendors from across Ontario will be displaying their art and artisan work in the park and there will be live entertainment throughout the weekend.

And while organizers know people come from out of town, Committee Member Barbara Trescott says they want to know exactly where they are from. “We’re going to do a visitors’ survey, a number of people have volunteered to go around the park and ask three basic questions; where have you heard about us – through the internet or print that sort of thing – where do you live and is this the first time you’re here.”

Trescott says it will be interesting to know where the visitors have come from and it will be valuable information for the downtown merchants who hold sidewalk sale days during the event.

“We’ve always had a tremendous response from the downtown merchants,” says Trescott.  “We invite the merchants on the street to use Art in the Park to disseminate information for the local business…or coupon and incentives…it is very definitely is a partnership between the vendors on the street and the Art in the Park committee.”

And Trescott says the survey will also help the committee focus its advertising dollars to publicize the event next year.

Art in the Park is on Friday from 11 am to 8 pm Friday and 9 am to 5 pm Saturday.