Smil’n Wago brings joy for LCDS clients



Submitted by Wayne McCormick

On June 14th of the year an event took place at the Brigden Fair Grounds that had everyone there smiling and laughing.

Before talking about this event let me go back a few years and tell a story that began at the local coffee shop. I mentioned to a group of people that it might be real special to make a wagon that was accessible to everyone to ride on. Before you could say “get her done” people stepped up to the plate, skilled craftsmen with years of experience and with fantastic ideas. Some old horsemen said it could not be done which made everyone more determined to see this get accomplished. With absolutely no formal plans on paper, just the best plans in their heads, the project began.

Coffee shop to welding shop to automotive shop to implement shed. An implement shed with a great wood stove and lots of chairs, things changed all the time and we had a lot of advice.

Finally in the spring the project was completed, the one they said could not be done. Les, Rick, Dan, Bill and Lyle looked at their project with great pride and big smiles. This project completed was the real life “Smilin Wagon.”

Back to June 14th, with the help of a lot of people there was a special day with the “Smilin Wagon “ the centre of attention.

The 8th Line Church ladies stepped up for the meal and desserts. A local corporate company, CEDA, donated the barbeque, delivery and set up. The Fair Grounds welcomed us with open arms. We had a volunteer photographer capture special moments and one quick phone call and music was provided by the “Over the Hill and Under the Bridge Gang,” The staff at LCDS were fantastic. This event started at 100 people in the planning stages and finished at around 250. Other individuals and companies, Bluewater Beef and Lambton Mutual Insurance Company and others made numerous donations so that this event would be at no cost to LCDS.

The Beaver Meadows Stables horse crew just said they would be there for as long as they were needed.

So down to one last thing, thanks to the many people that made the “Smiling Wagon” day possible and those who made it work to its full potential.