Wyoming to Reece’s Corner Trail fundraiser cancelled


A fundraiser planned for the Wyoming to Reece’s Corners Trail has been cancelled.

A second Block Party was being planned for Aug. 23, but Plympton-Wyoming Councilor Muriel Wright – a member of the organizing committee – says in a letter to council signed by the committee members says the delay in a trail committee meeting “effectively put the planning for this event on hold for six weeks leaving insufficient time to complete all of the activities required for this undertaking.”

Wright added “The committee feels that Council’s position to fund the remaining trail debts using road allowances, also compromises the underlying intent of the fundraiser.”

The councilor has said town council went against the original intent to fund the trail from community donations instead of municipal money. Plympton Wyoming used about $50,000 of money from the sale of unused road allowances to pay for the remainder of the trail in February. That lead to some heated discussions at council. However council said the fundraiser should continue with the money going towards rest areas along the trail.

Mayor Lonny Napper says it is “unfortunate” the Block Party won’t go ahead.

“There was a misunderstand and it’s unfortunate they felt they had to cancel the Block Party,” says Napper.







  1. My question to all of this is : why would there ever be unused money for road repair? Have they not traveled on the pymptom-wyoming roads lately, try
    Camlachie road.
    The rumour I heard was that councillor Deckker was the one to make the decision for road money to pay for the trail & told the block party to cancel this year only a couple weeks before the event. Why? The block party raised thousands of dollars last years & would do so again.
    Sounds fishy to me!

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