Wyoming church back in private hands

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Former members of the Presbyterian Church talk before the auction held by the current owners of the church, the Town of Plympton-Wyoming.

It’s sold.

An auction for a Wyoming church has brought in $100,000.

The Town of Plympton-Wyoming bought the former Presbyterian church on Main Street over a year ago for $145,000.

The land connected to the church included the parking lot for the municipal office and the local grocery store. There was a friendly agreement to allow the use of the land, but with the church being up for sale, council felt it was important to secure the parking lot.

Mayor Lonny Napper also wanted to turn the church – called by several councilors the most beautiful building in Wyoming – into new council chambers. But that council nixed idea after staff learned it would have cost about $400,000.

So council decided to sever the land and sell the church again. On Thursday, with about 40 people watching VanKlaveren Auctions sold the building again this time for $100,000. Brian Kenny of Sarnia bought the building and plans to live in it although he’s not expecting to renovate the sanctuary.

Napper is “relieved” the building has been sold. “It’s nice to see someone take it and make good use of it.”

And while he’s satisfied with the $100,000 sale price, but it is “always want more.”