All about baby at the Petrolia Library Saturday morning


Libraries have always been a place for children, but Kathy Matlovich wants parents to know just how much there is available for children.

The branch assistant in Petrolia is hosting a Baby Shower Saturday with the goal of showing as many young families the things they can find at the local library.

Matlovich leads the Tales for Tots story hour at the branch and noticed some of the mothers weren’t aware of all the services. “I thought, ‘We should do a baby shower and show them what they can find,” she says.

Most parents head to the children’s room at the library Matlovich says noting there are lots of great books but also theme kits where parents can read, act out stories and do activities just like at Tales for Tots.

“There are also a lot of e-resources,” she says. “There is a whole section on the Library website that takes people to the e-resources…many people don’t realize we have all that available to them.”

There are also things like access to medical websites in 77 different languages, a homework helper and handheld devices to borrow. “We’re not just books…it’s just a matter of asking,” says Matlovich.

The baby shower will be Saturday at 10 am at the Petrolia Library.