Sewage backup causes $20,000 damage at Victoria Hall


It will cost about $20,000 to repair the damage after sewage spilled from a bathroom in Victoria Hall.

Town hall was closed Dec. 12 after a plumber snaked a line plugged with feminine hygiene products and sewage came rushing out. The building was closed for the weekend because of the mess and the intense smell.

CAO Manny Barron says the McFarlane Room was damaged the most. “It all came out in the McFarlane Room and anything that it touched is obviously no good anymore,” he says.

The sewage also leaked downstairs, damaging Barons office. Drywall and flooring had to be replaced downstairs. All of the flooring in the McFarlane Room and hallway had to be replaced.

Workers are still completing the repairs a month later with the finishing touches being completed on drywall and tiling downstairs.

Baron estimates the damage at about $20,000 with insurance picking up the cost for all the repairs.

He adds the town will begin an education program in the women’s washrooms to make sure this does not happen again.