Mackenzie Volunteer Prize looks to honour those who help


If you know someone who is a selfless volunteer, there is a new way to recognize them.

It’s called the Mackenzie Volunteer Prize and one of the founders of program hopes it will be a celebration of volunteerism that also honours Canada’s second prime minister.

JD Booth came up with the idea after considering how important volunteers are to the community. He’s enlisted the help of a number of companies, including Bluewater Power and Nova, to come up with a $2,000 cash prize for an organization of the winner’s choice.

Nominations are being received until March 1 and following that, Booth and a small team will review nominations to determine, in part, the semi-finalists.  People will also get to vote on social media. The

Mackenzie Volunteer Prize will culminate in an April 15 event to be held at Victoria Playhouse Petrolia.

You can find the nomination form at