OPP SUV crashes into Lambton ambulance in Thursday’s storm



A view of the 402 near Watford during yesterday’s storm. Two paramedics and a Lambton College student were in an ambulance which was hit by an OPP SUV on Egermont Road after leaving the scene.


Lambton OPP are saying little about an accident involving one of their vehicles on Egermont Road.

Sources say during yesterday’s white out conditions an OPP SUV ran into the back of an ambulance from the Petrolia station.

The crew of three, including a Lambton College students on placement, had been called to the 11 vehicle accident which shutdown the 402 and were on their way back to the station when they came upon three vehicles stuck in stuck in the snow. As the ambulance stopped to make sure everyone was okay, the SUV slammed into the back of the vehicle, pushing the steel bumper underneath the ambulance, making it unsafe to drive.

The two paramedics and the student were taken to hospital to be assess but released later in the evening.

The OPP officers in the vehicle were not injured in the incident but the SUV sustained “considerable” front end damage according to sources.

The Independent asked OPP Const. Todd Mongahan about the incident by email and was told “That’s something on social media. We have no knowledge of it.”