LCCVI open but it could take until spring to fix damage



Once the water was cleared out of the basement of LCCVI, officials decided to bring in a portable boiler to heat the school while the schools main heating unit can be fixed.



It will be back to class for students at LCCVI Monday.

The school of about 900 students had been closed since Wednesday when a two-inch water line which fed the sprinkler system on the football field froze then burst.

Water poured into the basement covering the school’s main boiler and come very close to electrical pannels. Officials said there was about 38,000 gallons of water in the area – enough to fill the basement with between 6 to 10 feet of water, depending on the spot.

Lambton-Kent District School Board Director of Education Jim Costello says a portable boiler unit has been brought in to heat the school along with some propane units so the students can get back to class.

While the Lancers will be coming the hallways, there will be a few rooms off limits, including the art room which was in the basement and was damaged in the flood.

Costello says while its not clear how extensive the damage to the school’s main heating unit is; the disaster restoration company expects the school will need the portable boiler until spring.