APPEAL REJECTED: Suncor wind project gets the green light from tribunal

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Suncor Energy and NextEra can move ahead with the Cedar Point Wind Centre in Plympton-Wyoming and Lambton Shores.

The Environmental Review Tribunal released its decision on the appeal of the 46- turbine project near Camlachie and it has rejected all the arguments against the project.

The County of Lambton appeal arguing some of the utility poles on Thompson Line in Lambton Shores were too close to the road and could lead to death if there were an accident. The tribunal found while an accident could happen, the traffic along the roadway is very low and dismissed the county’s argument.

The Bryce family’s appeal was based on concerns for their family’s health – but the tribunal says even the latest summary from Health Canada on the effects of wind turbines on human health doesn’t make a link between sickness and the turbines. The tribunal also wrote in its decision the Bryce family “did not provide any expert medical opinion evidence specific to the project as to how wind turbine noise will affect their family” so it rejected that argument also.

The Bryces also voiced concern about the approval process for wind projects saying it doesn’t allow health concerns to be addressed.” The tribunal found the family didn’t provide evidence of that.

Suncor, which recently formed a 50-50 limited partnership with NextEra to build and run the project expects to have the construction complete of the wind energy centre in 2015

One Response to “APPEAL REJECTED: Suncor wind project gets the green light from tribunal”

  1. Cam

    I love how you people just come along and put your wind turbines up without ANY consideration for the people nearby. They are a nuisance. They are noisy. They are an eyesore. They have been shown to have health risks. And they definitely devalue the neighbouring properties so many have worked so hard to acquire. Just ask those land and farm owners in eastern and northern Ontario about those issues.

    Shame on you for what ever it takes to make the almighty buck. I would like to see the president, management and people of Suncor and NextEra who support this project to have homes in/on/beside the said turbine infested properties, and see how they like living like that. But then, we wouldn’t want any blood from those nose bleeds to get on those nice, white shirts now, would we? Or have headaches and dizziness so bad they can’t see to sign their pay cheques. Disgusting.