WANTED: Lambton looks for old movies

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Robert Tremain wants to see more movies about Lambton County.

Recently, the Lambton County Archives hosted an event where two old films about Alvinston were shown at the public library. So many people were there to see the “Stars of the Town” movie, they’re planning another event.

The county’s general manager of cultural services says the event shows people like old photos but are drawn to old movies.

“We have a shortfall of moving images,” says Tremain. “We’ve had moving images around for sixty year but I can count on one hand the number of reels we have in the archives. People gravitate to moving images much more than still images.”

Tremain says people are more likely to hand over old photographs because “the still images someone can instantly appreciate them…This material (old movies) you can’t even hold up without breaking it.”

Since no one can view the old 6 mm and Super 8 films, Tremain fears a lot of material is being lost as people simply throw them out.

“As a resources, it is valuable,” he says adding “we would transfer things to the web where all sorts of things can be done with it.

“I’d welcome you to be the eyes and ears of the museum in the community and look for film.”

Warden Bev MacDougall suggested the archive ask municipalities if they have any old footage that is sitting around. “A lot of that stuff gets put away and no one goes looking for it unless there is a reason to,” she says.

St. Clair Mayor Steve Arnold suggested they approach auctioneers and ask them to be on the lookout for film.

Lambton Shores Mayor Bill Weber suggested the archive get the word out they’re looking for film. “People probably sitting on it that don’t know you’re interested in it.”